We are the right choice for newly born blockchain projects in need of funding, marketing services, advising and much more. Our team is well connected within the blockchain universe and can ensure quickness and quality of service.


We are able to support you not only with funding: being community-based, we also help you increase your holders base.

Marketing and PR

Our in-house marketing team can define your marketing strategy, boost your reach and connect with multiple communities and influencers.

Legal advisory service

Partnering with specialized law firms, we can provide you with legal advising services and get your company set up in the best possible way.

Industry connections

Our team is deeply connected within the blockchain universe and can help you find valuable partners and boost your network.

Community management

We are able to create, manage and supervise your community, in multiple languages.

Community engagement

We help you keep your followers engaged with AMAs, giveaways, bounty campaigns, and much more.